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Can A Low-Carbohydrate Diet Help Control My Diabetes?

In short – it’s a yes!

For Type 1 diabetics who don’t need to lose weight, then Diabetes UK advise that studies have shown no particular benefits. However, for Type 2 diabetics (or Type 1 who want to lose weight), it’s a definite yes. Controlling your carbohydrates is not only beneficial in the short-term, but can ultimately eradicate Type 2 diabetes without medication.

Reaping these benefits requires discipline and an understanding of how carbohydrates work in the body, so read on to learn about beneficial carbohydrates, and how changing your diet could be the key to your improved health.


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How Lifestyle Changes can Reduce the Burden of Diabetes

With changes in diet and exercise routines, there’s been a corresponding rise in cases of type 2 diabetes over the past few years. There’s no doubt that, despite the plethora of programmes on television showing us how to live healthily, the majority of the population simply are not.

It’s great news that the recent budget proposes to increase levies on manufacturers of sugar-laden soft drinks (with many of them opting to reduce sugar content as a result), but it’s only a tiny start. Prevention is always going to be better than a cure, and ultimately it falls with the individual to make the changes. This requires more regular exercise and a healthier diet.


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